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Sharing Stories of Addiction, Grief, Recovery and Courage. 

"Mike Tourville has a great understanding of the human condition and conveys in his writing an empathic approach to struggles and hardships of everyday living. His work touches lives in many ways, both as a historian of real life circumstances depicting kindness and compassion (as in A PROMISE TO ASTRID), and as a healer, bringing pathways of hope to those struggling with substance abuse (with VOICES FROM THE FALLEN)."    

Mike Tourville and Dean Cain discuss the mission behind Voices from the Fallen and how the Healing Voices Project evolved.

Gary Lee Vincent, Award-wining Author, Actor, and Director

Recent Episodes

Destined to be a social worker from early childhood, Joy Ifill discusses her work as Vice President at Behavioral Health Network, and the many facets of treatment offered at BHN.

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The Ultimate Survivor: Kevin LeBeau talks about his emergence from addiction, homelessness, a life threating accident, his heart transplant,  and above all, surviving an all out brawl with Chuck E. Cheese.

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A Clean Slate, A New Life.  James Biscoe, Sr Area Manager at Clean Slate shares his personal experience and descibes outpatient treatment options including Suboxone and Vivitrol as part of an individualized treatment plan, and also sheds some light on the dangers of Xylazine.
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