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Michael K. Tourville

 Author, Podcast Host

"Mike Tourville has a great understanding of the human condition and conveys in his writing an empathic approach to struggles and hardships of everyday living. His work touches lives in many ways, both as a historian of real life circumstances depicting kindness and compassion (as in A PROMISE TO ASTRID), and as a healer, bringing pathways of hope to those struggling with substance abuse (with VOICES FROM THE FALLEN)."    

Mike Tourville and Dean Cain discuss the mission behind Voices from the Fallen and how the Healing Voices Project evolved.

Gary Lee Vincent, Award-wining Author, Actor, and Director

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Voices from the Fallen
True Stories of Addiction, Grief,
Recovery and Courage

Voices from the Fallen takes us on an intimate journey inside the lives of people who have experienced the hell of addiction, the relentless defeat of relapse and the hope of recovery.Listen to them speak about fear and desperation, hope and optimism.these courageous voices come from all around us, and can help rebuild shattered families, restore broken hearts, and save lives.

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If, like so many others, you have lost sight of your own life in the drama of tending to someone else's addiction, you may find yourself in this book.  Fantastic job taking us into the mind of the addict. 

Dean Cain,
Actor, Producer

Praise & Reviews

Voices from the Fallen opens the eyes to the rollercoaster ride for the addicted, as well as the impact on loved ones that must anguish through the daily battle.  Mike Tourville illuminates the importance of this problem, which permeates every level of our society.

Paul Connor,
Chief of Police,
West Springfield, MA

This is truly an eye opening and honest read where the author expertly crafts an emotional and painful dialogue between the addict and the loved ones... Each story does a perfect job of showcasing how substance abuse can happen to anyone no matter who they are or what their background is.

Hollywood Book Review

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About Mike Tourville

Michael K. Tourville lives in Agawam, MA with his wife Chiara.  Mike is the podcast host of Healing Voices Project, author of two books, Voices from the Fallen and A Promise to Astrid, and is currently the Sales and Marketing Director for Evans Cooling Systems in Suffield, CT. 
A Promise to Astrid was an award-winning true story and turned into a movie in 2018 starring Dean Cain. 
Mike has two sons, Bill and Nick.  And four grandchildren; Lily, Bryn, Nick, and Mikey. 

Contact Mike Tourville at mktourville@gmail.com
Agawam, Massachusetts, USA