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January 2023


The Food Factor - How can nutrition affect recovery??


My recent guest, Coach David Greenwalt, author of The Leanness Lifestyle ( dove into a subject not discussed enough in the realm of substance abuse.  I learned a lot in my conversation with David, especially about the consequences of eating processed foods and the effect for those going through recovery.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the recovery process for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Eating a balanced diet can help to restore the body's natural balance, improve energy levels, and support overall health.  Avoiding or minimizing processed foods will help tremendously.

1.    Providing essential nutrients: Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains can help to provide the body with essential nutrients that are often depleted during substance abuse.

2.    Improving mood and cognitive function: Proper nutrition can help to improve mood, reduce stress, and support cognitive function, which can be beneficial for those recovering from substance abuse.

3.    Supporting detoxification: Eating a diet that includes foods high in antioxidants and phytochemicals can help to support the detoxification process, which is important for individuals in recovery.

4.    Reducing cravings: Eating regular, well-balanced meals can help to reduce cravings for drugs or alcohol and make it easier to resist temptations.

5.    Enhancing physical and mental well-being: Good nutrition helps the body to recover from the physical and mental effects of substance abuse and supports overall well-being.

It is important to work with a registered dietitian or nutritionist to develop an individualized nutrition plan that takes into account any underlying health conditions or specific needs during the recovery process.  If drugs or alcohol can alter your mind and your mood, just remember that foods can have the same effect in both negative and positive ways.

December 2022
“Jail was the best thing that ever happened to me!”  Adam Bartlett

Police officer Adam Bartlett had arrested more than his share of people, with drug possession and drunk driving violations topping the list.   He was doing the job he’d dreamed of as a child, ever since the time his brother come home in his uniform and police car.  He thought it was a job where he could help people every day and make a huge difference in people’s lives.

With about 10 years of service under his belt, Adam sustained an injury, which led to extensive treatments and ultimately, a dependence on pain medication.  One problem led to another, and Adam eventually lost his job.  Money ran out quickly, and he was unable to afford the pills he became addicted to.  Out of desperation, Adam robbed a pharmacy.  He demanded they put all the Oxycontin pills they had in a bag and made his quick get-away through the streets of Chicopee.

Only minutes after thinking he’d gotten away with the heist the police were on his tail.  What he didn’t know was the pharmacy worker had filled the bag with placeboes. Even more critical to Adam’s fate was they also put a tracking device in the bag.   Adam’s desperation kicked into high gear, and he jumped on the Mass Pike at a high speed towards Boston, with police cars flashing lights and sirens chasing right behind him. 

Turns out that drugs weren’t the only thing Adam could not afford.   Fuel for his car was another. After a 60-mile high-speed chase on the turnpike, he ran out of gas in Framingham.   Police surrounded his car, Adam surrendered, and was arrested.  And landed promptly in jail. 

This event was the lowest point in Adam’s life.  However, he considers it a life-saving moment, and the best thing that could have ever happened. 

Listen to Adam tell his story and you’ll hear how his life rapidly spiraled down, and miraculously, how his dream of helping people every day and making a huge difference in their lives found its way to come true in ways he never imagined.

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